Face to Face Survey Research

The Advitek Difference

Knowledgeable Research Professionals Using Superior In-Person Data Collection Processes.


  • Prior to survey launch we review all the details with you.

Our client service team doesn’t just take your survey and run with it. Our clients realize we’re the face to face experts and appreciate our advice, whether pointing out where a questionnaire needs adjustment for a face to face interview, where the proposed methodology might need re-alignment or tweaking, and where they can economize.

  • We have professional, experienced face to face interviewers on our team.

They know we don’t accept inferior work. We have a unique interviewing management system called CAPI Manager, which provides us the tools to review results daily to confirm our briefing instructions are followed. We coach interviewers when needed and replace work when not acceptable.  By obtaining accurate survey responses and providing you with good data, your analysis is that much more relevant and actionable.

  • We use our own in-house developed CAPI technology.

Our proprietary software is a proven tool used for over 15 years for many high profile clients across the country.  We have a proven track record. Just visit our client list below to see a sample of our repeat business clients.

Advitek has a great reputation for error-free and worry-free in-person survey execution.

Point of Experience Intercepts

  • Grocery store in-aisle or exit intercepts

We speak to the customer immediately after they’ve decided to purchase or not purchase your product; or at the cash / point of purchase.

LEED Certification

  • LEED Environmental Certification surveys

We interview in major downtown business properties across Canada for property management companies in support of LEED credits for Transportation and Occupant Comfort.


  • GIS Research

We conduct Origin and Destination studies for major transit corporations.


  • Trade conventions & public events

Trade conventions or outdoor public events are an ideal environment for conducting market research. Our team is well experienced on interviewing in these environments, whether it’s a one-day ‘blitz’ or multi day on site survey.


  • Capture respondent sentiment in the retail environment

Our senior interviewers have conducted in depth semi-structured interviews with pre-recruited or spontaneously recruited shoppers in the retail setting.

Mystery Shopping

  • Keep track of live results on-site

Aided by our unobtrusive handheld computers, we have conducted mystery shops in a variety of locales. We can even record results on site, when needed for long duration in-depth shops – while maintaining anonymity.

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