Joyce Rees, President

Joyce has over 30 years of product and project management experience in market research.  She began her career with the Bank of Nova Scotia, becoming the Manager of their Marketing Research department before moving to the supplier side of the business.  In 1982, Joyce co-founded Advitek as a full-service research consultancy where she conducted both quantitative and qualitative research projects in addition to managing a team of five senior research consultants.

For the past 15 years, since the development of T-CAPI, Joyce’s company has been a leader among the data collection suppliers in the market research industry.  Joyce will ensure the resources of the company are applied appropriately to achieve success in all areas of the life of each project – study planning, data collection, and data handling.

Steve Yudin, Vice President             

Steve is a senior member of the Advitek client services team and responsible for ensuring our marketing research clients receive a first-class experience from start to finish of their projects. He has an extensive operations and client-services based background in both telephone and face-to-face methodologies, with more than 30 years of experience in the market research industry.

Prior to joining Advitek over 10 years ago Steve managed data collection operations for several of Canada’s leading research consultants and service providers, including Research House/Environics, Canadian Facts, and Burke Research.

Steve has taught a comprehensive supervisory and management course to data collection supervisors of several market research companies, on behalf of CAMRO, in association with the industry association, the MRIA.

At Advitek, Steve manages the overall company operations and is the primary client contact, responsible for most of the company’s studies.  Steve ensures clients receive quality results for their projects, and that studies finish on time and on budget.  Steve has a BA in Political Science from McGill University.


Neil Lockwood, Vice President of Operations

Neil has been in the industry for 39 years, the last 28 with Advitek.

Neil takes great pride in ensuring clients receive a top quality, error-free product, from the questionnaire setup phase through to final deliverables.  Neil draws on his extensive experience with multiple data cleaning and tabulation packages to help ensure all of Advitek’s data deliveries, whether data files or cross-tabs, are accurate and to client specifications.

As Advitek’s lead questionnaire programmer, Neil takes on the more complex and demanding surveys as well as our large ongoing tracking studies.  He provides input to Client Services and his Operations team on optimal ways to set up questionnaires, keeping in mind the client’s requirements for the final data output.

Prior to joining Advitek in 1991, Neil worked in several high profile companies in the industry, including Thompson-Lightstone, Market Facts, and the market research department at Procter & Gamble.